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We are getting a second chance at love and traveling on this path together. Creating memories, laughing, loving, and LIVING.

Four Unusual and Unforgettable Outdoor Adventures to Put on Your Bucket List

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Unforgettable adventures in hiking

Exploring what our wonderful continent has to offer is one of life’s great pleasures. Spending time outdoors brings a whole host of benefits, from feeling better psychologically to being fit and trim. Given that two thirds of Americans are medically obese, and a quarter suffer from mental illness, now’s the perfect time to get out and appreciate what the great outdoors has to offer to counter these worrying trends and improve our overall quality of life. Keep Reading

Family Camping Trip Success: what you need to know

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For an affordable and family-orientated holiday, you can’t beat taking them to the great outdoors for a camping trip. Even though it may seem relatively straight forward, it is very important that you put plenty of planning and research into what will be best for your family camping trip to ensure you have the best trip possible. Keep Reading

5 Top Must Sees in California

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We went to California for 13 days over winter break and it just wasn’t long enough. We loved the dry, warm air and the ability to see so much in such a short amount of time. It’s hard to narrow down the top 5 places we visited during our trip but if I could only choose 5 places to visit in California, it would be these. Keep Reading

Deadwood, South Dakota

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Bill and Chris entering Deadwood

There is no mistaking Deadwood South Dakota for anything but Deadwood, South Dakota. All you need to do is look up at the hills that surround the town to see the dead wood. So many trees broken off and dying, It’s sort of sad to see the hills lifeless. BUT when you venture in to the town of Deadwood, especially during Sturgis Motorcycle Rally week, there is LIFE everywhere. Keep Reading

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

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Devil's Tower and American Flag

The first day in the midwest we took off on #motorcycles from Deadwood, SD to #DevilsTower in Wyoming. The ride on motorcycle was spectacular as we wound down through Spearfish Canyon and made our way to Devil’s Tower. Keep Reading

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