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Day Trips

Trips we take just for the day. We come home the same day and sleep at our house.

Day Trips/Massachusetts

Copley Square: Boston’s Originals

We have really come to love Boston as our wanderings take us around to different parts of the city. This visit landed us in the middle of Copley Square, the Back Bay area of Boston. Surrounded by so much¬†history and beauty, we found ourselves thinking we could be citizens of Boston. The more time we… Keep Reading

Cannon Mountain NH: Living on the Edge

Living on the edge is an understatement! Cannon Mountain in Franconia, New Hampshire proved to be an exciting, dangerous, and breathtaking experience for us. As we rode up the tram, I prayed to God, “Please let us reach the top without these delicate cables springing apart and us plummeting to our deaths. Thanks a bunch!”… Keep Reading

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