The Journey is the Destination

Gratitude Page

Every now and then we need a reminder about how AWESOME life is. Where we are today isn’t where we will be tomorrow. Our friend Maxwell Ivey, owner of The Blind Blogger, told me about this idea and I fell in love with it!

1/30/17 – I can’t believe I haven’t done this in 2 1/2 years! I have been so busy building my business, traveling, living and loving, I forgot to update this! And sadly, Wayward Wanderers blog suffered as well. I hope now to get back in to regular postings. I love looking back through these pages and seeing what we’ve done together! If you missed the BIGGEST thing we’ve done together, take a look at this post: Did Someone Say Wedding? Vegas Baby! Yes! We got married! That is the biggest stat of all but here are the others:

1,127 likes on Facebook – up 53
320 followers on Google+ – up 89
555 followers on Twitter – up 109
1045 followers on Pinterest – up 451!
43 followers on Tumblr – up 25
797 followers on Instagram – up 633!
Newsletter – we currently have paused our newsletter
YouTube video has been viewed 53,963 views and we have 28 subscribers to our channel!

10/16/14 – I didn’t realize I would have something to write about so quickly but this needs to be said. On Saturday, 4 days after I wrote my first Gratitude entry, my post on Sisters Know Best for Fall Leaf Roses went viral! It’s never happened to me and I’m still in shock! To date, it has been viewed over 300,000 times! It’s done wonders for SKB but it’s also done wonders for Wayward Wanderers! Here are our new stats:

1,072 likes on Facebook – up 28 229 followers on Google+ – up 20 446 followers on Twitter – up 10 594 followers on Pinterest – up 158 18 followers on Tumblr – no change 160 followers on Instagram – up 9 50 subscribers on our newsletter – up 39 and climbing! In addition to this, our YouTube video has been viewed 9,081 views and we have 11 subscribers to our channel!

10/7/14 – This morning we woke to a gorgeous fall morning. It wasn’t too cold, about 50 degrees, as we headed out for our morning walk just Bill, Chris, and Robbie the dog. On our walk, we sipped Dunkin Donuts coffee, shared with one another about the day ahead, ideas for the weekend, and talked about how lucky we are to be with one another.

We got home, checked our social media and saw we have:

1,044 likes on Facebook
209 followers and 3,263 views on Google+
436 followers on Twitter
463 followers on Pinterest
18 followers on Tumblr
151 followers on Instagram
11 subscribers on our newsletter

We have a ways to go but we are well on our way from when we started in June.

All in all – NOT BAD!