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J Geils & Bob Seger at TD Garden: Ageless Rock and Roll

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Bob Segar at TD Garden in BostonWhen we saw Blues Traveler, Unkle Cracker, Smashmouth, and Sugar Ray rock it at the House of Blues over the summer, I thought I would never top it. And then we saw Edwin McCain at the Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury and were blow away by the ambience and I thought, “Okay, now I’ve experienced it all.” Well, I’m done saying anything because it just keeps getting better and better! I never thought I’d see Bob Seger perform… let alone with the J Geils Band! What an incredible once in a lifetime show!

Bob Seger is now 69 years old and honestly, I think this was the only time I will experience it. I was amazed by his energy and the length of the show! I heard from our friends that accompanied us he has always believed in giving you your money’s worth. Now, 40 years after our friend saw him in concert, he hasn’t changed that belief!


J Geils Band at TD Garden in BostonJ Geils Band opened for Bob Seger and his energy really got the place hopping! The entire band was enjoyable to watch. They must have enjoyed playing in their own backyard. The band came together in Worcester, Mass back in 1967. It was before I bet anytime this band performs it’s superb!


Below are some pictures we took that night of the concert and us playing in the city before hand.


Bill being silly in the North End
Bill as a crabby person… haha, yeah right! I don’t think crabby is in his vocab.


Bill playing dress up on streets of Boston
Bill, man of so many faces… and outfits.


Faneuil Hall view of Government Center and reflection of Faneuil Hall ceiling and holiday light display
Faneuil Hall view of Government Center and reflection of Faneuil Hall ceiling and holiday light display.


J Geils on big screen at TD Garden
J Geils on the big screen at TD Garden

This concert with J Geils Band and Bob Seger was one of the best concerts I’ve seen. Not only was Boston fun and the TD Garden forever impressive, but the actual concert was killer! I’ve never been to one where I knew every song sung. Legends performing before my eyes!

What is the best concert you’ve been to?

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