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Tips for the perfect camping trip by

Tips for the perfect camping trip

Tips for the perfect camping trip!

As Wayward Wanderers, we love camping! Camping in Maine is one of our favorite things to do. There’s something pretty spectacular about waking up next to the ocean. And since our daughter sometimes comes with us, we know that camping with a family requires additional planning. While researching camping info, we found this great interactive camping guide.

We want your family to be safe and well-prepared, so before you head out to camp, make sure you’re ready with these great common sense and expert tips!

Pitching Your Tent

Common Sense: Never set up a tent on rocky, sloping, or uneven ground.

Expert Tip:  Test the wind and orient the doors/vents so that the prevailing wind blows through them – this will change a stuffy tent into an airy outdoor paradise.

Fire Safety

Common Sense: Start a fire in an established stone ring and drown the fire when you are done. Keep dousing it until the ground is cool to the touch.

Expert Tip: Keep your eyes open. Look around your fire for low hanging branches, dry patches, and other flammable items. The Wind can blow leaves or trash in and out of the fire. Prevent a disaster by keeping all trash in a closed container.


Common Sense: Cast your line in a clean and clear area where there’s no chance of getting your hook caught on a branch (or a friend). Also, make sure you have the proper licenses for the area you’re in.

Expert Tip: Fish tend to feed where there is more greenery. Try finding places of lush vegetation for a better day of casting.

Things to Bring

Common Sense: Bring more dry socks than you think you might need. As our military personnel knows, taking care of your feet is critical to survival.

Expert Tip: Fires can be difficult to keep going – have some newspaper on hand to use as kindling.

Having a great time camping can come down to simple preparedness. A little forethought and planning using solid tips from experienced campers will help you set out on the path less traveled with more confidence. This list barely scrapes the surface. For even more, take a look at the extensive list of Camping Tips by My Open Country. They have outdone themselves!

Lakes, Rivers and Mountains: Mother Nature in Maine & New Hampshire

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10475314_10203419441502330_133619295_oSarah’s 6th grade graduation, my brother’s birthday, and Father’s Day were plenty of reasons to head off to Maine for celebration! Like we need that many reasons to celebrate… LOL. It was awesome to be home again so soon after we were just there for Mother’s Day weekend.


The ride to Andover, Maine is about 3 hours long. The ride offers gorgeous views of mountains but that’s about it. Bill and Sarah (more Bill) were excited about seeing a moose on our way. I on the other hand felt it was no big deal. Growing up in the country, they are as common as shopping malls are to “city folk”. 🙂

We stopped at our FAVORITE restaurant in Gorham, New Hampshire, Mr. Pizza! I haven’t had bad food there yet and I’ve been dining there for a decade! Bill and Sarah are in agreement with me that the food is awesome. And the photo opportunities abound (see left).

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Memorial Day Weekend: Riding through New England

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Bee Sting in Peterborough, NH at Nonie's RestaurantAh, finally, a long weekend! Even though it had only been a short couple weeks since our last trip, the need for adventure coarses through the veins at times, and it felt like we would never begin our trip! Originally we were headed to Gettysburg, Pennslyvania, but weather, time constraints, and wanting to do our first overnight motorcycle trip together kept us closer to home. No complaints here – it was awesome!   We watched the weather close, did some projects around home, and were ready to hit the road on Sunday. We started off from Nashua, NH and our first stop was in nearby Petersborough, NH at a quaint little cafe, Nonie’s. It’s pictured to the right in the shot of me sporting a bee sting. Yup, that’s right! A bee sting within the first hour of our trip… not one sting, but TWO! That nasty little bugger was hanging out on the back of my chair, just waiting… Bill flicked him off my back after the first sting only to have him land on my arm and get me again. Nothing a little ice and the best, “cleanest” breakfast burrito either of us has ever had, couldn’t cure!

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Mother’s Day Weekend 2014: Maine, where the buffalo roam

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10352783_10203164044397562_7207941384613837108_nI LOVE GOING HOME! I love Nashua and the life I’m living with Bill, but there’s nothing like going home! I know most people can relate…


Mother’s Day weekend was a perfect time to go home. Not only was it Mother’s Day on Sunday, it was also my father’s birthday.


One of the special things about where I live is buffalo. That’s right! We have buffalo in our backyard. My dad went out west years ago and liked how they looked so he thought he would buy a herd of buffalo to enjoy at home. The picture on the left is of one of the babies and it’s momma we saw on this particular trip home.

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Rhode Island Waterfront: Hidden Treasures

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I never went to Rhode Island until I started dating Bill. Now, it’s one of my favorite destinations! The first time we went was in January 2014 and we stayed at the Newport Harbor Hotel & Marina in downtown Newport, RI.  You can read more about that trip here. This trip, however, we took with his mom, sister, and daughter and it was magical!


We stayed outside of Newport in Tiverton, Rhode Island. Bill, Sarah, and I got a late start on Friday due to work and dropping off Robbie at a friends so we didn’t get there until 7:30. As we got off the highway, wound our way down and through an old railroad bridge that formed an entrance to a road, Bill and I both were thinking, “Where does Kathleen have us staying?” LOL, the thought only lasted a minute though as we found ourselves on a narrow, private road along the Sakonnet River. As we drove down the road, Sarah, Bill and I got so excited about seeing Bill’s mom and sister and about the adventures the weekend would surely bring!

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Maine is For Lovers: Portland and Other Maine Coastal Towns

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Of all the places Bill and I have visited, Portland holds a special place in our hearts. It’s WHERE it all began and why we decided to go back there to celebrate our one year anniversary. It was so much fun! Don’t get me wrong, the first time we went to Portland was a lot of fun and incredibly exciting. Sparks flew! And this time sparks flew as well, lol, but this time we had the security and comfort of knowing one another. This time we experienced everything with our best friend. Ah, this love is amazing!


1545761_10203074488678725_7667970225891300646_nWe knew months in advance we were going to spend our anniversary in Portland, Maine so it gave us a lot of planning time. Thank God for LivingSocial and Groupon! Those 2 sites are all I used to get awesome discounts for almost everything we did over the weekend! Our hotel, the brew tour, and 2 of our dinners were purchased ahead of time through those two sites so we basically just had to show up! And because I went through them, we saved about $400!


What we didn’t know is we would have a loaner vehicle for the weekend. Bill Dodge BMW offers me a replacement BMW normally when I have routine maintenance done, but this time all their loaners were out. That’s okay though! We got to buzz around in a little Mini Cooper all weekend. It was a big difference from the bimmer but what a blast! And you can’t beat free! It was so darn cute and added to our trip. You’ll notice many photos of it throughout the album on Facebook.


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