The Journey is the Destination

Tips for the perfect camping trip by

Tips for the perfect camping trip

Tips for the perfect camping trip!

As Wayward Wanderers, we love camping! Camping in Maine is one of our favorite things to do. There’s something pretty spectacular about waking up next to the ocean. And since our daughter sometimes comes with us, we know that camping with a family requires additional planning. While researching camping info, we found this great interactive camping guide.

We want your family to be safe and well-prepared, so before you head out to camp, make sure you’re ready with these great common sense and expert tips!

Pitching Your Tent

Common Sense: Never set up a tent on rocky, sloping, or uneven ground.

Expert Tip:  Test the wind and orient the doors/vents so that the prevailing wind blows through them – this will change a stuffy tent into an airy outdoor paradise.

Fire Safety

Common Sense: Start a fire in an established stone ring and drown the fire when you are done. Keep dousing it until the ground is cool to the touch.

Expert Tip: Keep your eyes open. Look around your fire for low hanging branches, dry patches, and other flammable items. The Wind can blow leaves or trash in and out of the fire. Prevent a disaster by keeping all trash in a closed container.


Common Sense: Cast your line in a clean and clear area where there’s no chance of getting your hook caught on a branch (or a friend). Also, make sure you have the proper licenses for the area you’re in.

Expert Tip: Fish tend to feed where there is more greenery. Try finding places of lush vegetation for a better day of casting.

Things to Bring

Common Sense: Bring more dry socks than you think you might need. As our military personnel knows, taking care of your feet is critical to survival.

Expert Tip: Fires can be difficult to keep going – have some newspaper on hand to use as kindling.

Having a great time camping can come down to simple preparedness. A little forethought and planning using solid tips from experienced campers will help you set out on the path less traveled with more confidence. This list barely scrapes the surface. For even more, take a look at the extensive list of Camping Tips by My Open Country. They have outdone themselves!

Cars, parks, and meat: perfect day of exploring Massachusetts

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10264634_10202964296563991_4354010642258899410_nAnother weekend with no plans but that didn’t last long. Bill surprised me with a new claddagh ring AND one for himself! This made me the happiest girl in Nashua, NH.


Time to celebrate this commitment! We went to Estabrook Grill in downtown Nashua for dinner. You can’t beat that place! Once a casket factory, this restaurant is housed in a retirement home and offers affordable and delicious meals. I know that sounds odd but it’s been redone tastefully and is beautiful inside. The picture to the left is of a building near there. I loved it’s symbolism and is why I decided to share it. After all, peace is what we all seek…  See other photos from this weekend adventure on Facebook.

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Mystic Moments: Mystic, Connecticut & Mohegan Sun

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998446_10201218165751812_1220533662_nHave you seen the movie Mystic Pizza? If you were born before 1980, then the answer is probably yes! It’s one of those timeless movies and when Bill told me we were going to Mystic, Connecticut where it was filmed, I felt like I struck gold! For those of you who need a reminder, Mystic Pizza had an awesome cast including Julia Roberts. Growing up in the middle of no where I haven’t seen a lot of places, especially famous places.


To top off this fairytale, we were going to Mohegan Sun for the night after! Wowza, this guy really was trying to knock me off my feet. Little did he know I was already off them a long time before this…

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And so it begins…

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It’s pretty simple really…

                                                   Bill & Chris, the Wayward Wanderers
Bill & Chris, the Wayward Wanderers

Bill and I got a second chance at love. We met, learned we are soulmates and the adventure began! It wasn’t long until we realized how much we both love to explore!

In the past year we’ve gone to more places than I’ve been in all of my 40 years! We take hundreds of photos, put the best on Facebook, and then it’s on to the next adventure…

We soon learned that one journey melded in to another and the important details started to slip away…

Our lives are made up of many journeys and Bill and I realize what happens along the way is the true journey, not the destination.

Because of this, we present this blog

Wayward Wanderers

Here you will find tales of our trips, how we wander from one spot to another with a loose itinerary and a tight grip on our relationship. Along the way we meet some interesting folks, see beauty in the ordinary, and capture what we feel is important. Our pictures are chosen for the blog through our eyes and not those of a professional.

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