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Tips for the perfect camping trip by

Tips for the perfect camping trip

Tips for the perfect camping trip!

As Wayward Wanderers, we love camping! Camping in Maine is one of our favorite things to do. There’s something pretty spectacular about waking up next to the ocean. And since our daughter sometimes comes with us, we know that camping with a family requires additional planning. While researching camping info, we found this great interactive camping guide.

We want your family to be safe and well-prepared, so before you head out to camp, make sure you’re ready with these great common sense and expert tips!

Pitching Your Tent

Common Sense: Never set up a tent on rocky, sloping, or uneven ground.

Expert Tip:  Test the wind and orient the doors/vents so that the prevailing wind blows through them – this will change a stuffy tent into an airy outdoor paradise.

Fire Safety

Common Sense: Start a fire in an established stone ring and drown the fire when you are done. Keep dousing it until the ground is cool to the touch.

Expert Tip: Keep your eyes open. Look around your fire for low hanging branches, dry patches, and other flammable items. The Wind can blow leaves or trash in and out of the fire. Prevent a disaster by keeping all trash in a closed container.


Common Sense: Cast your line in a clean and clear area where there’s no chance of getting your hook caught on a branch (or a friend). Also, make sure you have the proper licenses for the area you’re in.

Expert Tip: Fish tend to feed where there is more greenery. Try finding places of lush vegetation for a better day of casting.

Things to Bring

Common Sense: Bring more dry socks than you think you might need. As our military personnel knows, taking care of your feet is critical to survival.

Expert Tip: Fires can be difficult to keep going – have some newspaper on hand to use as kindling.

Having a great time camping can come down to simple preparedness. A little forethought and planning using solid tips from experienced campers will help you set out on the path less traveled with more confidence. This list barely scrapes the surface. For even more, take a look at the extensive list of Camping Tips by My Open Country. They have outdone themselves!

Edwin McCain & Chris Nathan Rock Blue Ocean Music Hall

in Coastal Trips/Day Trips/Massachusetts by

Edwin McCainNormally the opening act at a concert is mediocre compared to the main attraction but lately we’ve been lucky. This time was more than luck, it was awesome! Chris Nathan was the perfect opener for Edwin McCain at the Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury, MA! We can’t wait to start hearing him on the radio. No doubt, it will happen. I’m just happy we heard him first! And with one of the greats like Edwin McCain! What a perfect night! Keep Reading

The Old Man of the Mountain: New Hampshire

in Day Trips/Hiking/Nature/New Hampshire by

Old Man of the Mountain profile at viewing siteAfter we went up the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway, we decided to visit the Old Man of the Mountain site. Sadly, the man collapsed years ago but what they have done with the place is touching and we wanted to show my sister.


First, we had lunch at one of their picnic tables. And then visited the visitor’s area before walking down to the location.


For those of you that don’t know, the Old Man of the Mountain used to be a huge symbol for New Hampshire. So big, he was on the state coin! But now, he’s crumbled, faceless, mere space on the mountain. Poor guy. It just hasn’t been the same since 2003 when his natural granite structure collapsed underneath the force of elements and weight.


The Old Man inspired many and has been referred to in several books. The short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Great Stone Face described it as “playful nature” although I would describe it as hard and determined. Keep Reading

Cannon Mountain NH: Living on the Edge

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Edge of Cannon Mountain in Franconia New HampshireLiving on the edge is an understatement! Cannon Mountain in Franconia, New Hampshire proved to be an exciting, dangerous, and breathtaking experience for us. As we rode up the tram, I prayed to God, “Please let us reach the top without these delicate cables springing apart and us plummeting to our deaths. Thanks a bunch!”

When we left the Flume Gorge, we headed just a couple miles up the road to the base of Cannon Mountain. My foolish family decided we should ride the Aerial Tramway to the Summit of Cannon Mountain and I went along with it. Crazy!

We waited in line with about 80 other people. Just between us, I was irritated thinking we would have to wait forever to get on this trip. And then I was FREAKED OUT!!!! when I realized ALL 80 OF US were going to board the tram and go to the top. Yeah right! Like this massive vessel would hold all of us just by these tiny cables attached to it. Goodbye world, it’s been great!

I didn’t want to seem like a scaredy-cat though in front of the love of my life so I boarded with the rest…

The ride took about 15 minutes to carry us up to the 4,080-foot summit. They were the longest 15 minutes of my life, but…

They. Were. Worth. It.

Keep Reading

Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire

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10462326_715986091790031_3765277779485824203_nWe have driven through Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire a hundred times as it is the half way point between where I used to live in Maine and where we live now in New Hampshire. We always look up at the amazing mountains, see the signs for various attractions and just keep on driving. There is so much to do in the Franconia Notch area of New Hampshire but honestly, you have to like the outdoors. Luckily, we both do!


We met my sister in North Conway on Saturday and then explored Franconia on Sunday. We would have met sooner but we had been at the Charles River in Mass the day before. I’m glad we chose to do it this way because Saturday was overcast and our views wouldn’t have been as breathtaking.


I booked a great hotel deal for all of us right in Lincoln, NH for a fraction of the normal price through The hotel offers a package for meals so we ate a yummy breakfast right at Woodward’s Resort and then hit the road to explore! Our first stop was the  Flume Gorge at the base of Mount Liberty.


Keep Reading

Message in a Bottle Found!

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10570486_10203778354114921_6973111632669121362_nWe were so excited today when Bill got this message! Our Message in a Bottle we sent out to sea last month when we were in Prince Edward Island was FOUND!

Read that story here if you missed it.

Here is the email from our new friends in Wahlhausen, Luxembourg.

Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 11:30 AM
To: Walsh, William (DAS)
Subject: News from the people who found your message in a bottle

Hi there, you people from the other side of the atlantic!

On our holiday in canada we made a short stop for 3 days in Prince Edward Island. We (who are Mireille, Guy and our daughter Sophie) went for a walk along the Brackley Beach. Guy and I were talking about everything and anything and playing with Sophie. Guy remembered himself about a found of a message in a bottle years ago in Holland. We laughed about it and then a few minutes later Guy saw a bottle under the sea grass on the beach.
We were all curious and pulled it out of the grass.
First we were not sure if there was something inside but then we discovered the plastic bag. Guy opened it and surprise, surprise there was your letter.
We could not believe that we had found once again a message in a bottle (and after talking about it 10 minutes ago)
Even if your bottle didn’t make a very big trip across the sea, your letter is now on a european table in Luxembourg in a small village called Wahlhausen.
We were all really happy to read your lovely letter.
We hope you had a good vacation! Our Canada tour for 2 weeks was really amazing. We discovered a beautiful landscape and met a lot of nice people.
If you want to write us back, find us on Facebook.


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