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Tips for the perfect camping trip by

Tips for the perfect camping trip

Tips for the perfect camping trip!

As Wayward Wanderers, we love camping! Camping in Maine is one of our favorite things to do. There’s something pretty spectacular about waking up next to the ocean. And since our daughter sometimes comes with us, we know that camping with a family requires additional planning. While researching camping info, we found this great interactive camping guide.

We want your family to be safe and well-prepared, so before you head out to camp, make sure you’re ready with these great common sense and expert tips!

Pitching Your Tent

Common Sense: Never set up a tent on rocky, sloping, or uneven ground.

Expert Tip:  Test the wind and orient the doors/vents so that the prevailing wind blows through them – this will change a stuffy tent into an airy outdoor paradise.

Fire Safety

Common Sense: Start a fire in an established stone ring and drown the fire when you are done. Keep dousing it until the ground is cool to the touch.

Expert Tip: Keep your eyes open. Look around your fire for low hanging branches, dry patches, and other flammable items. The Wind can blow leaves or trash in and out of the fire. Prevent a disaster by keeping all trash in a closed container.


Common Sense: Cast your line in a clean and clear area where there’s no chance of getting your hook caught on a branch (or a friend). Also, make sure you have the proper licenses for the area you’re in.

Expert Tip: Fish tend to feed where there is more greenery. Try finding places of lush vegetation for a better day of casting.

Things to Bring

Common Sense: Bring more dry socks than you think you might need. As our military personnel knows, taking care of your feet is critical to survival.

Expert Tip: Fires can be difficult to keep going – have some newspaper on hand to use as kindling.

Having a great time camping can come down to simple preparedness. A little forethought and planning using solid tips from experienced campers will help you set out on the path less traveled with more confidence. This list barely scrapes the surface. For even more, take a look at the extensive list of Camping Tips by My Open Country. They have outdone themselves!

Tips for Events at Gillette Stadium

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imagesI’ve been to events in a lot of different places and it’s pretty much the same advice everytime but these tips for Gillette Stadium are going to help out a tremendous amount in making your trip more relaxed. I wish I looked in to it a little before I went to the One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer Concert.


This is what the stadium looks like BEFORE the thousands of people show up. It changes a LOT!


I hope my tips make your event stress free and more enjoyable!

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1 D & 5SOS were the only direction at Gillette Stadium this past weekend!

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imagesLast night, August 9, 2014, One Direction was the only direction at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA. What a crazy amount of screaming young girls and I was one of them! Everywhere you looked there was a One Directioner wearing their love on their clothing or in their hair. It was great! To be a young teen again, so in love with your idols.


Gillette stadium has never had so many people their in love with so many young men. 10 performers rocking the stadium! I could feel the risers on the Putnam Club Seating level move as the crowds went crazy. I don’t think a single person was sitting, especially as the night continued on…

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PEI: Canada’s Timeless Island Day 2 of 10

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Chris in Shediac, NB Saturday arrived very early for us! We couldn’t wait to leave Bangor, Stephen King’s house and the states behind us! We were on our way to Prince Edward Island and still had many hours, miles, and things to see before we got there! My grandparent’s A-frame in Anglo Tignish, Prince Edward Island was open to us starting on Saturday and I was anxious for Bill to see it so we got on the road as soon as possible.


Coffee from Dunkin Donuts… our last one for over a week no less ( 🙁 ) was all we needed to get us going.


We took Robbie for a little walk around the hotel parking lot where he was in heaven! Dogs stayed for free at this hotel and so there were plenty! And with them, plenty of “Dog-booking” as Bill calls it. Once Robbie’s curiosity was met and we took a few pictures (always pictures!), we were off!


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PEI: Canada’s Timeless Island Day 1 of 10

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THIS trip is what I’ve been looking forward to for a year! And finally it arrived! Prince Edward Island is near and dear to my heart because of my family and childhood memories of the island. I couldn’t wait to share it with the one I love! Our plan was to go last year but time constraints got in the way. It was great to have anticipation build though. And after 4 years of being away myself, it was time to get back there.


My grandparents quest for land on PEI as a vacation destination in their later years turned out to be an endearing act for their family. It’s been nearly 4 decades since the A-Frame was built and over two decades since Gram and Pop were with us but their “spot” has been enjoyed by many. Their children all get a slice of heaven and this year, a portion of my mom’s was reserved just for me and my love. Romance, adventure, relaxation and a whole lot of wandering were the package deal for us!


The camp “shares” run Saturday to Saturday but we couldn’t wait to start our journey! So on Friday we packed up the car and hit the road! Through a combination of travel apps I found a really good deal at a hotel in Bangor, Maine for Friday night. The app saved us over half of what we would have spent and it put us 5 hours closer to our destination! PLUS, Bill got to see Stephen King’s house.

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Boston House of Blues: Uncle Kracker, Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, and Blues Traveler

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10564759_10202785223457581_1968699903_n What a concert and evening last night was! Four really awesome bands performed last night at the Boston House of Blues. Uncle Kracker, Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth and Blues Traveler out did themselves at this unique and small venue!


Everything about the night was new to both Bill and I. Even the ride in to Boston was a different way than normal. We went through a great little town, Wellington, MA and didn’t hit any rush hour traffic.


We found parking near by, got there with a half hour to spare and enjoyed the short wait until the doors opened. I’d never been near Fenway Park so it was exciting to be waiting outside of the House of Blues across the street from the entrance! The photo to the left was our view directly in front of us. The Prudential building really stands out with a perfect summer evening sky behind it!

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