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J Geils & Bob Seger at TD Garden: Ageless Rock and Roll

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Bob Segar at TD Garden in BostonWhen we saw Blues Traveler, Unkle Cracker, Smashmouth, and Sugar Ray rock it at the House of Blues over the summer, I thought I would never top it. And then we saw Edwin McCain at the Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury and were blow away by the ambience and I thought, “Okay, now I’ve experienced it all.” Well, I’m done saying anything because it just keeps getting better and better! I never thought I’d see Bob Seger perform… let alone with the J Geils Band! What an incredible once in a lifetime show! Keep Reading

Edwin McCain & Chris Nathan Rock Blue Ocean Music Hall

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Edwin McCainNormally the opening act at a concert is mediocre compared to the main attraction but lately we’ve been lucky. This time was more than luck, it was awesome! Chris Nathan was the perfect opener for Edwin McCain at the Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury, MA! We can’t wait to start hearing him on the radio. No doubt, it will happen. I’m just happy we heard him first! And with one of the greats like Edwin McCain! What a perfect night! Keep Reading

Tips for Events at Gillette Stadium

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imagesI’ve been to events in a lot of different places and it’s pretty much the same advice everytime but these tips for Gillette Stadium are going to help out a tremendous amount in making your trip more relaxed. I wish I looked in to it a little before I went to the One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer Concert.


This is what the stadium looks like BEFORE the thousands of people show up. It changes a LOT!


I hope my tips make your event stress free and more enjoyable!

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1 D & 5SOS were the only direction at Gillette Stadium this past weekend!

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imagesLast night, August 9, 2014, One Direction was the only direction at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA. What a crazy amount of screaming young girls and I was one of them! Everywhere you looked there was a One Directioner wearing their love on their clothing or in their hair. It was great! To be a young teen again, so in love with your idols.


Gillette stadium has never had so many people their in love with so many young men. 10 performers rocking the stadium! I could feel the risers on the Putnam Club Seating level move as the crowds went crazy. I don’t think a single person was sitting, especially as the night continued on…

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Boston House of Blues: Uncle Kracker, Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, and Blues Traveler

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10564759_10202785223457581_1968699903_n What a concert and evening last night was! Four really awesome bands performed last night at the Boston House of Blues. Uncle Kracker, Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth and Blues Traveler out did themselves at this unique and small venue!


Everything about the night was new to both Bill and I. Even the ride in to Boston was a different way than normal. We went through a great little town, Wellington, MA and didn’t hit any rush hour traffic.


We found parking near by, got there with a half hour to spare and enjoyed the short wait until the doors opened. I’d never been near Fenway Park so it was exciting to be waiting outside of the House of Blues across the street from the entrance! The photo to the left was our view directly in front of us. The Prudential building really stands out with a perfect summer evening sky behind it!

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