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Oceanfront Camping in Maine

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Recompence Campground Oceanfront Campsite

Wayward Wanderers Camping in Freeport MaineOceanfront camping in Freeport Maine is just what our family needed this summer. We were nestled in to our cozy campsite with our easy set up tent, removed from the hustle and bustle of every day living and for the most part were away from the annoying cell phones that seem to penetrate our perfect bubble at the most inopportune moments. Ahhhhh, the setting was absolutely magical with the ocean views, wildlife and smells of outdoor living wafting around! Even the little bit of rain we experienced the first evening added to the excitement of camping and had us laughing! Removed from society, we were able to focus on what matters most: each other… and marshmallows of course! ūüôā The Recompence Shore Campground on the Wolfe Neck Farm land in Freeport, Maine offers the best of everything if you love the outdoors like we do! It’s got location, amenities, and activities galore!

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Portland Parks for my Birthday

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10681967_10203053736410237_1831223455_nPeople say¬†once you reach 40 birthdays aren’t that special but honestly, my 41st birthday was one of my best ones yet! We started out with a loose plan that quickly changed in to something completely different.¬†It worked out to be even better than expected! Like Sarah said, “we’re so lucky.” And finding ourselves in Portland Maine on my 41st birthday, exploring Back Cove and Deering Oaks Park was, indeed,¬†completely lucky!


We started out in Andover for a lobster feed that was delicious. We gathered with family and had our fill. Is there such a thing as being full from lobster? LOL, it was the first time Sarah ever cleaned her own lobster. I’m hoping it’s not her last…


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PEI: Canada’s Timeless Island Day 2 of 10

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Chris in Shediac, NB Saturday arrived very early for us! We couldn’t wait to leave Bangor, Stephen King’s house and the states behind us! We were on our way to Prince Edward Island and still had many hours, miles, and things to see before we got there! My grandparent’s A-frame in Anglo Tignish, Prince Edward Island was open to us starting¬†on Saturday and I was anxious for Bill to see it so we got on the road as soon as possible.


Coffee from Dunkin Donuts… our last one for over a week no less ( ūüôĀ ) was all we needed to get us going.


We took Robbie for a little walk around the hotel parking lot where he was in heaven! Dogs stayed for free at this hotel and so there were plenty! And with them, plenty of “Dog-booking” as Bill calls it. Once Robbie’s curiosity was met and we took a few pictures (always pictures!), we were off!


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PEI: Canada’s Timeless Island Day 1 of 10

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THIS trip is what I’ve been looking forward to for a year! And finally it arrived! Prince Edward Island is near and dear to my heart because of my family and childhood memories of the¬†island.¬†I couldn’t wait to share it with the one I love! Our plan was to go last year but time constraints got in the way. It was great to have anticipation build though. And after 4 years of being away myself, it was time to get back there.


My grandparents quest for land on PEI as a vacation destination in their later years turned out to be an endearing act for their family. It’s been nearly 4 decades since the A-Frame was built and over two decades since Gram and Pop were with us but their “spot” has been enjoyed by many. Their children all get a slice of heaven and this year, a portion of my mom’s was reserved just for me and my love. Romance, adventure, relaxation and a whole lot of wandering were the package deal for us!


The camp “shares” run Saturday to Saturday but we couldn’t wait to start our journey! So on Friday we packed up the car and hit the road! Through a combination of travel apps I found a really good deal at a hotel in Bangor, Maine for Friday night.¬†The app saved us over half of what we would have spent and it put us 5 hours closer to our destination! PLUS, Bill got to see Stephen King’s house.

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Boothbay Harbor, Maine: Trains in Maine & Automobiles

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10550874_10203625118364123_5778855251646364243_nDid it take moving away from Maine to appreciate this beautiful state? Or is it the company I keep these days? Hmmm, I think perhaps both play a¬†part in my enjoyment of vacationing in Maine. I love the coast of Maine and had no idea how much there was to explore! There is so much more beyond Old Orchard Beach and that scene! And now that I’m older, I realize it’s not all about baking on the beach.


Boothbay Harbor region… my boyfriend… his daughter… and this life I’m living now¬†is where it’s at!


We were so happy to pull together this trip with Sarah before their family trip next month and the start of school. For those of you that know us, you know we are busy, busy, busy and already our summer is full. This past weekend was the ONLY weekend we had open. A quick search on Living Social and Groupon created a loose plan for our excursion up the coast of Maine.


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