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Memorial Day

Pennsylvania Trifecta: Chocolate, War, and Love

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11297802_10204749534324125_1912526263_nA trifecta by definition is a run of three wins or grand events. Our trip to Pennsylvania was certainly classified as this. We traveled to 3 very different areas of Pennsylvania over Memorial Day weekend and were surprised at our feelings toward each. Where we expected excitement was sleepy and what we thought would be quiet was bustling. But each place: Hershey, Gettysburg, and Lancaster County brought us to the same conclusion – we wouldn’t want to be with anyone else during Memorial Day weekend! Looking back on other Memorial Day trips, this conclusion is always the one thing that remains consistent. And why each adventure seems better than the last. We are blessed. Keep Reading

Memorial Day Weekend: Riding through New England

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Bee Sting in Peterborough, NH at Nonie's RestaurantAh, finally, a long weekend! Even though it had only been a short couple weeks since our last trip, the need for adventure coarses through the veins at times, and it felt like we would never begin our trip! Originally we were headed to Gettysburg, Pennslyvania, but weather, time constraints, and wanting to do our first overnight motorcycle trip together kept us closer to home. No complaints here – it was awesome!   We watched the weather close, did some projects around home, and were ready to hit the road on Sunday. We started off from Nashua, NH and our first stop was in nearby Petersborough, NH at a quaint little cafe, Nonie’s. It’s pictured to the right in the shot of me sporting a bee sting. Yup, that’s right! A bee sting within the first hour of our trip… not one sting, but TWO! That nasty little bugger was hanging out on the back of my chair, just waiting… Bill flicked him off my back after the first sting only to have him land on my arm and get me again. Nothing a little ice and the best, “cleanest” breakfast burrito either of us has ever had, couldn’t cure!

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