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Monson New Hampshire: Ghost Village USA

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Window view MonsonWho knew there was an old ghost town in the middle of Milford and Hollis New Hampshire? We sure didn’t until Bill’s sister told us about it! What a cool place! And secluded. It took a bit for us to find the location. Trip Advisor had us on the right road (483 Federal Hill Road) but not at the actual destination. Luckily, there are still some helpful pedestrians around and a gentleman on his lawn mower volunteered directions to us. We never would have found it otherwise. It’s where the tar ends and the dirt begins on Federal Hill Road.

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Portland Parks for my Birthday

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10681967_10203053736410237_1831223455_nPeople say once you reach 40 birthdays aren’t that special but honestly, my 41st birthday was one of my best ones yet! We started out with a loose plan that quickly changed in to something completely different. It worked out to be even better than expected! Like Sarah said, “we’re so lucky.” And finding ourselves in Portland Maine on my 41st birthday, exploring Back Cove and Deering Oaks Park was, indeed, completely lucky!


We started out in Andover for a lobster feed that was delicious. We gathered with family and had our fill. Is there such a thing as being full from lobster? LOL, it was the first time Sarah ever cleaned her own lobster. I’m hoping it’s not her last…


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Fall Leaves Rose Video Tutorial

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As you know Wayward Wanderers is a travel blog about Bill Walsh and Christina Gammon’s adventures! Concerts, waterfalls, trips, and anything else that looks interesting to us… BUT Fall has a special place in our hearts… so we are lending our YouTube channel to present our first ever video for Sisters Know Best. If you are looking for the pictures and step by step tutorial, visit Sisters Know Best. Below is the Fall Leaves Rose video tutorial:

We hope you enjoyed the video and we look forwarded to seeing your roses on the Sisters Know Best Facebook page! Heck, we’d even love to see them on Wayward Wanderers page!

The Old Man of the Mountain: New Hampshire

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Old Man of the Mountain profile at viewing siteAfter we went up the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway, we decided to visit the Old Man of the Mountain site. Sadly, the man collapsed years ago but what they have done with the place is touching and we wanted to show my sister.


First, we had lunch at one of their picnic tables. And then visited the visitor’s area before walking down to the location.


For those of you that don’t know, the Old Man of the Mountain used to be a huge symbol for New Hampshire. So big, he was on the state coin! But now, he’s crumbled, faceless, mere space on the mountain. Poor guy. It just hasn’t been the same since 2003 when his natural granite structure collapsed underneath the force of elements and weight.


The Old Man inspired many and has been referred to in several books. The short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Great Stone Face described it as “playful nature” although I would describe it as hard and determined. Keep Reading

Lakes, Rivers and Mountains: Mother Nature in Maine & New Hampshire

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10475314_10203419441502330_133619295_oSarah’s 6th grade graduation, my brother’s birthday, and Father’s Day were plenty of reasons to head off to Maine for celebration! Like we need that many reasons to celebrate… LOL. It was awesome to be home again so soon after we were just there for Mother’s Day weekend.


The ride to Andover, Maine is about 3 hours long. The ride offers gorgeous views of mountains but that’s about it. Bill and Sarah (more Bill) were excited about seeing a moose on our way. I on the other hand felt it was no big deal. Growing up in the country, they are as common as shopping malls are to “city folk”. 🙂

We stopped at our FAVORITE restaurant in Gorham, New Hampshire, Mr. Pizza! I haven’t had bad food there yet and I’ve been dining there for a decade! Bill and Sarah are in agreement with me that the food is awesome. And the photo opportunities abound (see left).

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