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5 Places in Provincetown to Avoid with your 83 Year Old Mother

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Lip Schtick on the main street in Provincetown MassProvincetown, MA, the furthest tip of Cape Cod is an awesome place to visit! SO MUCH to see and do and they really push the envelope there. Bill’s 83 year old mother is still digesting what she saw.


We were staying at another awesome house Bill’s sister found through in Orleans, MA, just about an hour from P-Town and on Saturday we set off for some excitement for our senses. What a difference between the smaller, sleepier Orleans to Provincetown! And with an 83 year old woman, well, my blushing was at an all time high. What a blast!


The ride in was a little slow as it’s the spot to go on the Cape and traffic was backed up but we snuck off the main Route 6 and opted for a prettier ride on 6A along the coast. FYI, it might not be faster in the summer but early Fall it’s ideal!


There is so much to see in Provincetown, but these are the 5 things you may want to avoid with children. Bill and I can’t wait to go back with less sensory…


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Boothbay Harbor, Maine: Trains in Maine & Automobiles

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10550874_10203625118364123_5778855251646364243_nDid it take moving away from Maine to appreciate this beautiful state? Or is it the company I keep these days? Hmmm, I think perhaps both play a part in my enjoyment of vacationing in Maine. I love the coast of Maine and had no idea how much there was to explore! There is so much more beyond Old Orchard Beach and that scene! And now that I’m older, I realize it’s not all about baking on the beach.


Boothbay Harbor region… my boyfriend… his daughter… and this life I’m living now is where it’s at!


We were so happy to pull together this trip with Sarah before their family trip next month and the start of school. For those of you that know us, you know we are busy, busy, busy and already our summer is full. This past weekend was the ONLY weekend we had open. A quick search on Living Social and Groupon created a loose plan for our excursion up the coast of Maine.


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Lakes, Rivers and Mountains: Mother Nature in Maine & New Hampshire

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10475314_10203419441502330_133619295_oSarah’s 6th grade graduation, my brother’s birthday, and Father’s Day were plenty of reasons to head off to Maine for celebration! Like we need that many reasons to celebrate… LOL. It was awesome to be home again so soon after we were just there for Mother’s Day weekend.


The ride to Andover, Maine is about 3 hours long. The ride offers gorgeous views of mountains but that’s about it. Bill and Sarah (more Bill) were excited about seeing a moose on our way. I on the other hand felt it was no big deal. Growing up in the country, they are as common as shopping malls are to “city folk”. 🙂

We stopped at our FAVORITE restaurant in Gorham, New Hampshire, Mr. Pizza! I haven’t had bad food there yet and I’ve been dining there for a decade! Bill and Sarah are in agreement with me that the food is awesome. And the photo opportunities abound (see left).

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