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Prince Edward Island

Message in a Bottle Found!

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10570486_10203778354114921_6973111632669121362_nWe were so excited today when Bill got this message! Our Message in a Bottle we sent out to sea last month when we were in Prince Edward Island was FOUND!

Read that story here if you missed it.

Here is the email from our new friends in Wahlhausen, Luxembourg.

Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 11:30 AM
To: Walsh, William (DAS)
Subject: News from the people who found your message in a bottle

Hi there, you people from the other side of the atlantic!

On our holiday in canada we made a short stop for 3 days in Prince Edward Island. We (who are Mireille, Guy and our daughter Sophie) went for a walk along the Brackley Beach. Guy and I were talking about everything and anything and playing with Sophie. Guy remembered himself about a found of a message in a bottle years ago in Holland. We laughed about it and then a few minutes later Guy saw a bottle under the sea grass on the beach.
We were all curious and pulled it out of the grass.
First we were not sure if there was something inside but then we discovered the plastic bag. Guy opened it and surprise, surprise there was your letter.
We could not believe that we had found once again a message in a bottle (and after talking about it 10 minutes ago)
Even if your bottle didn’t make a very big trip across the sea, your letter is now on a european table in Luxembourg in a small village called Wahlhausen.
We were all really happy to read your lovely letter.
We hope you had a good vacation! Our Canada tour for 2 weeks was really amazing. We discovered a beautiful landscape and met a lot of nice people.
If you want to write us back, find us on Facebook.


PEI: Canada’s Timeless Island Day 10 of 10

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10380981_700283113360329_3046787880625591118_nDay 10 of our trip to Prince Edward Island has no pictures to share of the actual trip. From Saint John we took a direct route home. We did stop off in Waterville, Maine for a sandwich and discovered a little walking park. Other than that, we drove home the remaining five hours, discussing our trip and picking our favorite thing about each day. This is what we picked:







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PEI: Canada’s Timeless Island Day 9 of 10

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10585366_10203756498968556_1816127358_oWho would have thought our last day would be one of the fullest and most fun we had? Going to Saint John, New Brunswick after leaving Prince Edward Island was the best plan we had! We found some off the road stops, well visited tourist spots, and some great night life on Saturday. It was a perfect day of travel to end a perfect week long stay on the island!


Of course, it was sad to say goodbye to PEI. I love it there and this would be the last time I’d see the camp where it had been my entire life. Due to erosion of the island, my family is forced to relocate the A-frame. They will be moving it back in September… Thank God my grandfather thought ahead and purchased the land behind the camp as well!

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PEI: Canada’s Timeless Island Day 8 of 10

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Sea glass found on the northern shores of Prince Edward IslandDay 8… oh no! The LAST day on Prince Edward Island. I’m pretty sure Bill and I both were feeling sad at this realization. However, we were also excited for a new adventure. We knew before we left we were not going to do the entire 12 hour trip in one day. On the way up we planned it to see Stephen King’s house in Bangor, Maine and then arrive at the camp on Saturday. For our return trip, we hadn’t yet decided what to do, but we knew it was going to be good!


So, our final day on the island brought some goodbyes to Tignish, Prince Edward Island, preparations and tidying of our stuff, and some planning for the next spot we would wander to but first the day…

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PEI: Canada’s Timeless Island Day 7 of 10

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10458104_10203778357355002_2607818538332110649_nBy now our trip to Prince Edward Island was starting to wind down. We were having so much fun together, visiting the sites like O’Leary Potato Museum and West Point Lighthouse but all good things must come to an end. Thursday was our second to last full day on the island and we still needed to go to Alberton! Alberton, Alberton, Alberton… all roads seem to lead to Alberton, Prince Edward Island! Or at least all the intersections we went through from North Cape to Summerside point there, and yet we hadn’t made it there.

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