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PEI: Canada’s Timeless Island Day 1 of 10

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THIS trip is what I’ve been looking forward to for a year! And finally it arrived! Prince Edward Island is near and dear to my heart because of my family and childhood memories of the island. I couldn’t wait to share it with the one I love! Our plan was to go last year but time constraints got in the way. It was great to have anticipation build though. And after 4 years of being away myself, it was time to get back there.


My grandparents quest for land on PEI as a vacation destination in their later years turned out to be an endearing act for their family. It’s been nearly 4 decades since the A-Frame was built and over two decades since Gram and Pop were with us but their “spot” has been enjoyed by many. Their children all get a slice of heaven and this year, a portion of my mom’s was reserved just for me and my love. Romance, adventure, relaxation and a whole lot of wandering were the package deal for us!


The camp “shares” run Saturday to Saturday but we couldn’t wait to start our journey! So on Friday we packed up the car and hit the road! Through a combination of travel apps I found a really good deal at a hotel in Bangor, Maine for Friday night. The app saved us over half of what we would have spent and it put us 5 hours closer to our destination! PLUS, Bill got to see Stephen King’s house.

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