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Tips for the perfect camping trip

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Tips for the perfect camping trip by

Tips for the perfect camping trip!

As Wayward Wanderers, we love camping! Camping in Maine is one of our favorite things to do. There’s something pretty spectacular about waking up next to the ocean. And since our daughter sometimes comes with us, we know that camping with a family requires additional planning. While researching camping info, we found this great interactive camping guide.

We want your family to be safe and well-prepared, so before you head out to camp, make sure you’re ready with these great common sense and expert tips!

Pitching Your Tent

Common Sense: Never set up a tent on rocky, sloping, or uneven ground.

Expert Tip:  Test the wind and orient the doors/vents so that the prevailing wind blows through them – this will change a stuffy tent into an airy outdoor paradise.

Fire Safety

Common Sense: Start a fire in an established stone ring and drown the fire when you are done. Keep dousing it until the ground is cool to the touch.

Expert Tip: Keep your eyes open. Look around your fire for low hanging branches, dry patches, and other flammable items. The Wind can blow leaves or trash in and out of the fire. Prevent a disaster by keeping all trash in a closed container.


Common Sense: Cast your line in a clean and clear area where there’s no chance of getting your hook caught on a branch (or a friend). Also, make sure you have the proper licenses for the area you’re in.

Expert Tip: Fish tend to feed where there is more greenery. Try finding places of lush vegetation for a better day of casting.

Things to Bring

Common Sense: Bring more dry socks than you think you might need. As our military personnel knows, taking care of your feet is critical to survival.

Expert Tip: Fires can be difficult to keep going – have some newspaper on hand to use as kindling.

Having a great time camping can come down to simple preparedness. A little forethought and planning using solid tips from experienced campers will help you set out on the path less traveled with more confidence. This list barely scrapes the surface. For even more, take a look at the extensive list of Camping Tips by My Open Country. They have outdone themselves!

Going From Miami to Key West on a Motorcycle

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Going From Miami to Key West on a Motorcycle by

Getting to the Southernmost point of the United States was one of the goals we had when we set out on our honeymoon in February. The best part of this journey was that we were going from Miami to Key West on a motorcycle. The overseas highway isn’t like anything either of us has experienced. It’s a long ride, an incredible experience and to be honest, one I’m not sure either of us would do again. I’m not meaning to burst your bubble if you are planning on going from Miami to Key West on a motorcycle. I think everyone should do it once. There’s nothing like the wind in your face, the sun beating down, the ocean on both sides of you and the roar of the motorcycle in your ears! I decided to create this guide for motorcyclists going to Key West the first time so they are prepared as much as possible. Keep Reading

Travel On a Budget: 2 Weeks Vacation for the Price of 1

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Travel On a Budget- 2 Weeks Vacation for the Price of 1

We just had the most amazing vacation/honeymoon ever! We were able to take 2 weeks away to explore Florida and it was the best time! People were surprised that we were able to go since it had only been a month since we went to Las Vegas to get married. How can we afford that? Did you win the megabucks? The answer is we have tricks up our sleeves. We paid in two weeks what most would pay in just one so we were able to see and do a lot more. Here’s how we travel on a budget. Keep Reading

New York City On A Budget

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Empire State Building Night ViewNew York City was a great place to spend our 2 year anniversary. We have both been there but neither of us has ever explored it “Wayward Wanderer” style… It’s so romantic and when you have an awesome partner to travel with and experience with, it’s the best! Destinations planned but no set schedule… ah, just wandering, wandering, wandering… Some of our best finds are ones we wander on to. Neither of us can imagine a different way to explore! And traveling on a budget to New York City, well that just made it that more fun and interesting!

New York City is one amazing place that everyone should see at least once! There is so much history, so much adversity, and so much excitement lurking at every turn! But, like most cities, it’s expensive. The Wayward Wanderers went though on a budget and it wasn’t bad at all. We saved money with discounted tickets, smart decisions, and knowledge about what to expect before we went. We talked to friends about what they had done, researched online and comparison shopped. We want to pass all that information along to you, our faithful readers. And hope to see you in the Big Apple on one of our return trips! There will be many more to come as we are in love with NYC! And 2 1/2 days just isn’t long enough to see it.

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Travel Apps: What makes traveling easy for Wayward Wanderers

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overview-hero-20090608-400x252There are no exceptions. EVERY time we travel, we use our iPhones and the apps listed here to make travel easy. Some save us time on the road and others save us money when we travel and still others give us a heads up on main attractions in the area. But they all give us peace of mind.


We use more apps than the ones listed below but these are the main ones we religiously use.

We hope they will make your traveling experiences easier in some way!

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