The Journey is the Destination

And so it begins…

It’s pretty simple really…

                                                   Bill & Chris, the Wayward Wanderers
Bill & Chris, the Wayward Wanderers

Bill and I got a second chance at love. We met, learned we are soulmates and the adventure began! It wasn’t long until we realized how much we both love to explore!

In the past year we’ve gone to more places than I’ve been in all of my 40 years! We take hundreds of photos, put the best on Facebook, and then it’s on to the next adventure…

We soon learned that one journey melded in to another and the important details started to slip away…

Our lives are made up of many journeys and Bill and I realize what happens along the way is the true journey, not the destination.

Because of this, we present this blog

Wayward Wanderers

Here you will find tales of our trips, how we wander from one spot to another with a loose itinerary and a tight grip on our relationship. Along the way we meet some interesting folks, see beauty in the ordinary, and capture what we feel is important. Our pictures are chosen for the blog through our eyes and not those of a professional.

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